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Julho de 2012

Maquinter of Portugal receives certificate recognized German

brand - BOMAG

The Maquinter of Portugal received in spent 14 to 15 June 2012 a representative of the Department Strategic Sales and Dealer Development of BOMAG, Mr. Mike Attig, in order to make an overall assessment of the company according to the preset parameters by the manufacturer, resulting or not a certification Maquinter of Portugal.


It is with great honor to announce that after an audit of all departments (Communications and Marketing, Commercial, Administration and Finance, Department of Parts and Service and After Sales) the Maquinter of Portugal was successfully certified.


The certification process BOMAG sign up the quality program Bodos - operating standards of BOMAG distributors, whose fundamental premises the customer commitment assumed by the manufacturer, a commitment that generated the need for implementation of a unified and universal quality model.


In order to ensure the same standards (guaranteed profitability and operational efficiency for products and BOMAG quality) whatever part of the world where their customers are operating, the brand started the annual certification process to ensure a high level and competence " Service and customer support "; "Training and Knowhow"; "Sales and Marketing" in all dealers  globally.


The certification Maquinter of Portugal said the responsibility for areas considered essential by the manufacturer - "Bases of Competence" and was referred to as a "mark of excellence".


The BOMAG is now recognized as a brand that invests vast resources Research, Development and Innovation (R & D), specializing in compaction and paving, has secured leading positioning due to its industrial route (leading manufacturer of machines for compacting soil, asphalt and trash compactors; stabilizers / recyclers and pavers), but also because of the technological component of their equipment: systems studied to increase productivity and operational and in order to optimize consumption and limit pollutant emissions.


July 2012

Maquinter of Portugal reinforces commitment to the training of its technical team

Recognizing the importance of after-sales department on the market and for the operation of its customers' projects, Maquinter of Portugal strengthened its focus on a continuous training of its technical team.


In July this year the Maquinter SA held a workshop dedicated to solid waste compactor and the urban BOMAG (BC572), the course was taught by Jesus Carrero (Director of Technical Services) and Vicente Tamargo Rasero (Technical Trainer) and took place in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. The Maquinter of Portugal attended by two technicians, Manuel Gourd and Carlos Neves, who consider extremely fruitful course and praised its high practical component.


The course lasted for two days (25 and 26 July) and focused on the analysis and procedures for the detection / repair damage to the hydraulic system; electrical system and engine Deutz BF6M 1013 FC.


The hydraulic system level, the issues addressed consisted in reading the hydraulic diagram, functional interpretation and components and test points; type values and cleaning hydraulic circuits contaminated with shavings.


Regarding the electricity system the focus was the functional interpretation and communication with the controller BOMAG (ESX). As stated, the brand Deutz Engine was also one of the subjects taught, in particular to the electronic controller level EMR and Deutz error codes.


The practice of these courses is fundamental in an increasingly demanding market where the after-sales service is becoming increasingly important. In order to correspond to an associated support a performance and quality standards, the Maquinter of Portugal reinforces its focus on continuous training of your team.

February 2012

Maquinter of Portugal participates in another major project in the Portuguese mining park

Almina acquires a fan of the brand Zitron the Maquinter of Portugal, also responsible for its installation.


In the development of Infrastructure Mining Almina - Pyrites Alentejo, located in Aljustrel and specifically to exploit the Fetal Mine, the Maquinter of Portugal was responsible for marketing and installation of a main fan, with 900 KW of power, NVZ model 1-26 -900 / 6 of Zitron brand.


The installation began in late January and finalized on 10 February 2012.

This fan with a diameter of 2.60 meters and a flow rate of 180 m3 / sec, fresh air will inflate the mine.


The installation has been completed and is expected to come into operation on 23 February.


Portugal is characterized by having diversity and broad geological wealth, despite being geographically rather extensive territory.


The experience of its professionals in the mines and geology engineering, combined with the prospect of increased demand for raw materials, are two of the factors fueling the current dynamism of mining activities.


In this business environment, the Maquinter of Portugal positions itself as an organization that adds 25 years of experience in the mining sector, especially the participation in major national holdings.


July 2012

BOMAG promoted workshop dedicated to the market for solid waste compactors and urban

Representatives from various countries gathered at BOMAG headquarters (Boppard - Germany) to address the issue of compression in landfills: news, technologies and evolution of media / processes.


The Bomag brand (industrial group Fayat), represented exclusively by Maquinter of Portugal, met several of its agents involved in the field of compression in landfills. Portugal was one of the participating countries, along with France, Turkey, England, Israel and Palestine.


The workshop took place on 27th and 28th February and had the intent to discuss the evolution of function in equipment of current and future requirements of activity Bomag construction and maintenance of landfills, but also the exchange of views and experiences submitted by participants.


With the central aim of the development and improvement of processes and in order to clarify user requirements, an expert in technical seminars was asked which provided adequate impetus to the objective analysis of the various cases of operation under study. Thus, the audience were asked three questions: what they considered advantageous and without change in equipment; what aspects understood as less favorable in optimizing the operation; and, finally, who said they had important technical solutions for the evolution of the press used in landfills.


Across the board, the machines that make up the current range of BOMAG had a very positive review in highlighting the configuration of the wheels (as it is given in increments of compression capacity and simultaneously less wear); broad and effective shielding; driving efficiency of the hydrostatic transmission; ergonomics, privacy and security of the cabins; ease of operation and, in the chapter on caring tasks, mechanical accessibility.


As regard to the challenges posed to the BOMAG team, most participants mainly focused on the evolution of Telematic system; advances the level of compaction control and an economic perspective, the optimal profitability of the equipment, trying to reduce the fuel consumption and costs related to maintenance. The technical team that accompanied the event consisted of Lutz Stallgies (Department of Product Management), Detlev Wickerd (Product Manager of compactor Landfill) and Marcus Wolfnam (Director of the Department of Research and Development for Rollers).


The BOMAG Telematic technology was also discussed, and questions to the guests about the features they would like to see included in the system. Most participants referred to the possibility to define multiple alerts, the issue of diverse reports, for example with regard to fuel consumption, and the development of specific programs for equipment management. Later, the system presentation of follow-up found that the options mentioned are already addressed by BOMAG TELEMATIC (BOMAG Start Up and Power Bomag).


On the last day, the brand promoted a visit to the factory and closed the technical meeting with the presentation of the main innovations that are being launched in the range of compactors

to landfills: comprehensive continuous monitoring, cleaning system of radiators, remote supervision provided by the Telematic, among others.


The BOMAG brand is marketed and assisted by Maquinter of Portugal - a company that is in the national market 16 brands of equipment for mining, public works and construction.


February 2012

Ambisousa acquires BOMAG compactor solid waste and urban (RSU) the equipment is laboring in the landfill Penafiel

The Inter Company Treatment and Ambisousa Waste Management acquired a compactor solid waste and urban (RSU) of BOMAG brand, model BC 572 RB 02 class of 28 tons.


The machine delivered in May of this year is already beginning to labor in Landfill Earth Doll, Penafiel Rio Mau.


The Maquinter of Portugal during the delivery of the equipment and to optimize its operation and performance conducted a training session to the Ambisousa operators team.


The training took place on the day of delivery and was the development of the following: handling equipment; security measures maintenance and operation of the machine.


The BOMAG segment compression for solid waste and urban frames a set of equipment that are prepared for working in landfills health of all sizes and are designed to handle any type

of waste is domestic in nature; industrial; bulky or construction debris.


The BC 572 RB 02 is a compactor with hydraulic component in the class of 28 tons, suitable for landfills with a treatment capacity of 400 tons steadily day.


Various characteristics of the equipment it is evident that it is a hydrostatic machine operating with a maximum weight of 29 tons, equipped with a Deutz engine with 304 hp, completely shielded at the bottom and easy maintenance and service ability.


The Ambisousa is solid and urban waste of the entire population of Sousa Valley, serving a set of six towns - Castelo de Paiva; Felgueiras; Lousada; Pacos Ferreira; Walls and Penafiel.


The company operates the landfill Lustosa and the Landfill Penafiel Health where the solid waste produced and urban are sent, which are then sent to recycling through the “Sociedade Ponto Verde”.


The Maquinter of Portugal is representative of BOMAG on the market and has recently been certified successfully for performance and quality standards, certification that affirms their competence in the areas considered essential by the manufacturer, having been referenced as a "mark of excellence".

May 2012

Maquinter of Portugal participates in the 14th edition of Tektónica - International Fair of Construction and Public Works

Event brings together professionals in the construction 8-12 May at the space of the Lisbon International Fair (Park of Nations).


From 8 to 12 May will take place within the Lisbon International Fair (Park of Nations) 14 edition of Tektónica, performing in time from 10.00 to 20.00.


The Maquinter of Portugal presents in exposure to light and heavy range of BOMAG, Putzmeister, Bartell Morrison, Aliva, as well as the BETEK tools on the stand 3 31, located in TEKMÁQUINAS Hall - Machinery Hall and Equipment for Construction and Public Works .


The five halls on display: SK (International Exhibition of Ceramic and Stone Floors and Coatings Area Kitchen and Bath.); SIMAC (International Exhibition of Materials, Machinery and Equipment for construction); TEK GREEN (Hall Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Construction and Social Responsibility in Construction); TEKWOOD (Hall of Industry Wood and Cork for Construction) and TEKMÁQUINAS (Hall of Machinery and Equipment for Construction and Public Works) provide solutions across the entire sector also concern within the rehabilitation and restoration.


The event has as main themes energy efficiency, rehabilitation and export, with large meetings scheduled with international markets during the event.


Under the slogan "Export more", Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Morocco, Germany, France, Serbia and Kazakhstan, are the invited countries also being provided a delegation consisting of 25 Turkish businessmen.


The last edition included companies from 28 countries and visitors from 53 countries.


December 2011

Event brings together employees and the Group Administrator Losicar SA

Last December 2011, Maquinter of Portugal, at the mark 25 years of activity and celebrate Christmas, gathered his employees and their families to celebrate the event and celebrate as usual the Christmas season. As a special guest, and considering the company's birthday, the Maquinter of Portugal received the group administrator's presence Losicar SA, Lorenzo Wakonigg and his wife, Isabel Wakonigg.


The event took place at Quinta da Taipa (Swindon - Lisbon), having lived in three stages: an initial cocktail, a lively convivial dinner enlivened by a belly dancer and a solemn session in which the Director General, Eng . Fernando Paulo, held a speech marked by gratitude and trust, highlighting and presenting the employees who are the face of the company for over a decade.

In the room that hosted the dinner, all the guests could contact with major reference works in the Maquinter attended by photographic exhibition "Journey to 25 years of Maquinter"



Great Herrenknecht Gala marks 35 years success story in tunnel engineering and jubilee of its founder

The mark 35 years of the company and the seventieth anniversary of its President Dr. Ing Eh Martin Herrenknecht, was celebrated at a gala in Offenburg who joined more than 2,000 guests from 38 countries.


More than 2000 guests, coming from 38 countries to personally congratulate Martin Herrenknecht for his birthday and the business success story that leads for 35 years.


At night gala, which took place in the crowded Baden Arena in Offerburg, guests sectors of tunnel construction and mining, customers, government agencies, media and employees attended last June 6 to a colorful program presented by Barbara known German personality Schöneberg, which included numerous moments of the show, including the performance of the singer Helene Fisher; films depicting the journey of Herrenknecht AG; one fireworks display and also the good arrangement provided by comedian Andreas Müller - who imitated famous personalities from around the world to congratulate the company and its founder - the political Winfried Kretschman to Pope Benedict XVI.


The menu for dinner was made by Adlar restaurant in Enbach Reich, involving hundreds of service personnel.


One of the highlights of the night was the first performance that consisted of the presentation of the musical Herrenknecht "The lightening rule"; where employees celebrated through this

Music the motto of life of its chairman Think Positive.


In the musical involving more than 600 artists, including children childhood and school Allmannsweir, a surprise that deeply touched the founder and CEO of the company.


In his speech, Dr. Martin Herrenknecht gave special thanks to customers, the Audit Committee members, colleagues of the Board, employees and their families, who considered crucial to the success of the company.


Among the guests present there is the presence of Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, German current finance minister, the former minister of foreign affairs Frank Walter Steinmer and Dr. Gerhard Schröder, former German chancellor praised the route and the personality Martin Herreknecht "Martin Herreknecht is one of the important people who have achieved success in this world and who are always willing to share it" and "It's not just a business leader, is also a leading engineer and a salesman leader. "


The Administration of Maquinter of Portugal was also present at the event, as the exclusive representative of the manufacturer Herrenknecht on the Portuguese market.


To mark this milestone that was memorable for more reasons and contribute to the poorer sections of society, Martin Herreknecht requested all your guests instead of  present him made donations to the Society for the Support of Children with Cancer - an initiative that yielded a remarkable amount that child health institution.


Founded in 1975, the group achieved in 2011 sales of 1.017 million euros, currently has more than 3,800 employees, 77 subsidiaries and associated companies in Germany and abroad, accounting for more than 30 years of experience in engineering and equipment Mechanized for tunnel construction, in particular TBM (TBM'S) and the vertical punches.


Recognized by the different resources invested in Research, Development and Innovation (R & D), the Herrenknecht AG had a major contribution in extraordinary progress technical and technological achieved in tunnel construction in recent decades.


With flagship projects around the world, highlighting for example the Elbe tunnel in Hamburg, and Portugal underground rail systems in Lisbon and Oporto.


It is currently involved in the construction of the metropolitan Panama, in the works of London Crossrail rail system, the construction of the tunnel Gottar, among many other projects including tunnels and metropolitan exploitation.


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