October 2014

Maquinter of Portugal reinforces bet the training of its technical team

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Recognizing the importance of after-sales department on the market and for the operation of its customers' projects, Maquinter of Portugal strengthened its focus on a continuous training of its technicians.


From January to September this year the Maquinter of Portugal promoted the participation of his team in several training activities of its brands.


During the month of January to bet fell in a training course at the headquarters of Minemaster brand, (Poland), lasting four days, alluding to hammers "drifters" of Montabert;.


In March, was taught a course dedicated to ventilation in the offices of Zitron in Gijon; representing Maquinter of Portugal was present Eng. António Reis and Eng. João Gouveia.


In April the training focused on the commercial team Maquinter of Portugal, was present our Commercial Department, in an action in Madrid regarding the equipment for road repair, the represented Straßmayr.


To finish the training program in 2014, the team was present; during the month of September in "Compression Conference" in Madrid; being the focus of the training BOMAG brand.


The practice of these courses is fundamental in an increasingly demanding market where the after-sales service is becoming increasingly important.


In order to correspond to an associated support a performance and quality standards, the Maquinter of Portugal reinforces its focus on continuous training of your team.


September 2004

Maquinter of Portugal participates in BOMAG -ASPHALT DAYS

The Maquinter of Portugal; participated in the BOMAG days - ASPHALT DAYS. The event that took place last September 2014; in the office of the manufacturer, in Boppard, Germany; lasting two days, focused on the presentation of the latest technology applied to the construction Asphalt.


The Bomag presented the targeted range of equipment for the asphalt industry; performing an interaction of the machines in a wide variety of jobs in the area of integrated construction on the theme: Consulting services and the use of the latest technologies.


A high profile event, attended by more than 200 customers in Europe; Middle East and Africa.


The same audience could watch the manufacturer latest technologies and innovative solutions, The full asphalt program was presented in its entirety, including the ranges of the affiliated companies of the Fayat Group; and each equipment has been explained according to its application.


The event allowed also to the participants a theoretical look combined with the practical. The initial focus was on the presentation of technological solutions and innovations that the new range features BOMAG; with a detailed explanation of each device and its applications; a general explanation of the performance and versatility of the new BOMAG equipment; followed by a statement of the performance of each device.


Highlighted the range of tandem rollers - the fifth generation with three compression systems. The company introduced the fifth generation of articulated tandem rollers in the 10-11 class and new models - BW 161 ADO; BW 161 and BW 5 AD-190.


By the fifth generation of articulated tandem rollers, the BOMAG becomes the only manufacturer on the market to provide machines that use the three compression systems: Double vibration; Oscillation and Asphalt Manager 2.


Stresses are four distinguishing characteristics of the range:


1. Choice of three modes of compression;

2. Eco mode to reduce fuel consumption;

3. Easy to maintain and service;

4. Comfort and overview of the driver.


As representatives of Maquinter of Portugal, was present Eng João Gouveia, two elements of the sales team (Sales and Francisco José Lopes) and two customers -. The construction company Mota Engil and Alves Ribeiro.


April 22, 2014

Maquinter of Portugal participates  2013 Bauma Edition:

Approximately 530,000 visitors from 200 countries

The highest rate of international visitors of all editions

3,420 exhibitors from 57 countries


The Maquinter of Portugal; presence scored again in the latest edition (2013) of the Bauma in Munich (Germany). Representing the company was Eng Fernando Paulo (Administration), the Commercial and Parts Department.


The 2013 edition of Bauma; held from 15 to 21 April, was visited by 530,000 visitors from over 200 countries. An issue that surpassed all records regarding the exhibitors and occupied exhibition space; also topped the record with regard to have been the edition that received the highest number of visitors ever - "This is fabulous for the industry in these troubled times and also allowed us an incredible expansion" said Johann Sailer, President of the Association of construction equipment and materials of the VDMA and also President of the European industry committee of equipment for construction.


The proportion of international visitors was the highest ever.


In the words of Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München International (occupies a leading position worldwide in exhibitions organization) "The exhibitors were delighted with the quality of visitors as well as the international diffusion that was represented among them. Were great business realities. With more than 200,000 visitors; from various countries, in addition to the strong German presence. The response to this year was simply outstanding.


In terms of scale of countries with more visitors; after Germany, the highlight in a ranking of 10, the presence of Austria; Switzerland; Italy; the Russian federation; followed by France; Netherlands; England, Sweden and Poland to finish. Indonesia, while 2013 edition of the partner country of Bauma, was strongly represented with a high level of political delegation and attended by 800 visitors.


Top Quality and International Opportunities


For the German manufacturer Herrenknecht, "Bauma 2013 showed surely your best side. The audience of business was clearly first class and very global. We had the opportunity to communicate for a target that interested in our portfolio and innovative solutions in the tunnels and mines sector "- said Dr. Ing Eh Martin Herreknecht, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Herrenknecht.


A total of 3,420 exhibitors, and 1,346 from Germany and 2,074 abroad; a total of 57 countries attended and presented their latest products and innovative solutions in the construction and mining sector; to a record regarding the display space.

Bauma currently occupies a leading position worldwide; as the largest event dedicated to the industry of civil construction and public works and the mining sector. The next edition will take place in Munich 11 to 17 April 2016.



April 10, 2014

Maquinter of Portugal participates in the Conference Cycle

On April 10 of this year, Maquinter of Portugal participated in a conference entitled "Innovative Technologies Dismantle and Rock Excavation", part of the lecture series "Mineral Resources of Portugal"; sponsored by the Southern Regional Council of Engineering College and by the Engineers; which took place in the southern region headquarters in Lisbon. The third conference focused on innovative technology solutions in the field of blasting and excavation of rock.


The Maquinter of Portugal; represented by Mr. John Gouveia.; as a speaker; presented "Tunnel Vertical (BOX-Hole and Slot - Hole Boring Machine)" - Boxhole of Herrenknecht.


As a representative of Maquinter of Portugal, focused his presentation on technology that allows the execution of "Slot Holes" of small diameter quickly and accurately, developed by the German manufacturer Herrenknecht. This equipment has been designed for use in stable rock formations, allowing the execution of holes with diameters up to 1.50 meters and maximum bore length up to 60 meters, it was developed with the purpose of offering great mobility, ensure a high yield for the user combining maximum safety and the occupation of the minimum possible space in front of work.


The conference also saw the participation of Mr. Pedro Bernardo, Orica Mining Services, which focused his presentation on the differences between the various initiation systems available to the drive level and the various safety aspects associated with the use of these systems.; Eng. Helder Valente, the Cimertex company, which introduced a new generation of hydraulic excavators that focuses on environmental concerns and operating performance and even José Monteiro da Maquesonda that accompanied by Peter Johansson of Wassara company (Sweden) spoke from the audience on the topic - Drilling Technology propelled by water.


05 at December 8, 2014

The Maquinter of Portugal has joined as a sponsor

The Maquinter of Portugal joined as a sponsor to the XVIII National Meeting of the Geological Engineering College and Minasda the Engineers held in Monte Real during the 5th to December 8th, 2014.

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